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PBI Desktop 2021 - A few suggestions

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Certification Power BI

La certification Power BI, présentement uniquement constituée de la DA-100, devrait être élargie et cindée en une partie orientée "Front-end" (création des modèles, visualisations, ...) et une "Back-end" (gestion des utilisateurs et des Workspaces, cycle de développement, ...)

PBI Desktop Visualization Panel

The panel is too small and does not enable one to quickly access the many properties available.

Moreover, the use of "Switch" Buttons over Checkboxes, "On/Off" labels and so on, takes more room, meaning more vertical scrolling and time to locate a particular property.

.pbix File Format

Why choose a completely binary representation of the file? What's the reason for not having chosen a format similar to .xlsx?

Binary not supported by source control diff mechanism

Unable to open code to manually modify the code (ex.: search and replace to change the name of a variable throughout the reports as it was feasible in .rptx)

The definition part should have been coded in JSON

Default "Measures Table"

To organize the measures.

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