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Power BI Log Analytics Starter Kit

The Power BI Log Analytics Starter Kit, created by kasdali, enables you to get insight of the Power BI usage throughout an organization.

You can get information such as:

  • Activity: Dataset access, API calls, ViewReport, ...

  • Users: Users per Workspace/Domain/Capacity/...

  • Inventory: Capacities, Workspaces, Datasets, Reports, Dataflows, Users, Dashboards

  • Workspaces: Inventory, Users and Roles

  • Scheduled Refresh: Datasets, Users, Average duration, ...

  • Refresh Status: Completed, Failed, Duration, ...

  • Gateways: Inventory, Type (Personal/Entreprise), ...

  • Datasources: Inventory, Users, ...

You can find the source code here:

The kit uses the Power BI REST API and requires having the Power BI Administrator role.

The scripts must be ran using PowerShell and requires the installation of the MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt PowerShell module.

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